Meditation Bliss Basket


meditation-bliss-basketThe Meditation Bliss Basket is filled with our Sandalwood Mala, our Chakra Stone Kit, a 2 oz. Chakra candle and a 5ml bottle of our Chakra essential oil. Please see a full description on our “Chakra Line” here when choosing your oil and candle. The contents of the H2E Meditation Bliss Basket come in a reusable tin with a woven pattern in a rich copper-sage patina that makes an excellent presentation for your clients, friends and family. We offer 7 essence of your choice in our Essential Oil and Soy Candle products.

C-1 Muladhara ~ The Root Chakra controls one’s personal stability, security, structure, patience and the ability to manifest your dreams.

C-2 Svadhisthana ~ The Sacral Chakra governs our well being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and abundance.

C-3 Manipura ~ The Solar Plexus Chakra governs self worth, self esteem, confidence, personal power, and freedom of choice. H2E ‘s C-3 essence is a heady blend of 100% pure essential oils of grapefruit, ginger, juniper berries and lemon grass.

C-4 Anahata ~ The Heart Chakra represents the acceptance of oneness of all life. An open heart is experienced by others through the love we radiate in the joy of being. H2E C-4 marries the beautiful essence of rose, bergamot, cardamon and geranium oils to open the heart for full bliss experiential.

C-5 Vishuddha ~ The Throat Chakra deals with communication in not only how you take in information, but how you express yourself in being heard. Read more about the dynamic blend C-5 here.

C-6 Ajna ~ The Third Eye or Brow Chakra represents the seat of wisdom and intuition. Read about how to stimulate your inner wisdom with C-6 here.

C-7 Sahasrara ~ The Crown Chakra connects us to our divinity and is the source of healing energy in the human energy system. Read more about the heavenly blend C-7 here.

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Meditation Bliss Basket

C-1 Muladhara, C-2 Svadhisthana, C-3 Manipura, C-4 Anahata, C-5 Vishuddha, C-6 Ajna, C-7 Sahasrara


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